Business Drive for Sustainability

Corporate Social Responsibility

Business Drive for Sustainability

        The Company has operated its businesses under the principles of Good Corporate Governance, fairly taking into account the interests of all shareholders along with responsibly operating its businesses to other stakeholders, we believe that sustainable growth must be the shared growth by setting up a framework of sustainable development management as follows:

Expand businesses with the investment

To expand businesses with the investment in the energy business, and to maintain the appropriate proportion between clean energy business or renewable energy and other forms of energy or other businesses under the commitment to be a part of global community in accordance with the relevant Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Build credibility in conducting businesses

To build credibility in conducting businesses in compliance with laws, ethics, and traditions in all areas where its businesses are operated.


Create the transparency in organizational

To create the transparency in organizational management as an organization with moral, transparency, anti-corruption of all forms, political neutrality and promotion of fair competitions.

Respect and protect fundamental human rights

To respect and protect fundamental human rights, equality and non-discrimination.

Prioritize stakeholders

To prioritize stakeholders, assess their expectations by focusing on creating sustainability together through social activities and business activities at the same time.

Fairly treat and manage human resources

To fairly treat and manage human resources, especially labor employment, as well as properly promote and support the development of skills, knowledge, and morality to existing human resources.

Pay attention to the environmental impacts

To pay attention to the environmental impacts, by applying both negative and positive environmental performance issues into the investment decision-making process.

        The Company has required to regularly monitor and assess the expectations of various stakeholders and report to the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors at least once a year.