Good Corporate Governance


Reporting Channel

        The board of directors determine the whistleblower policy (“Policy”) to protect all related persons including whistleblowers, informants, persons being complained, any persons providing aid in any session. The provided complaint or whistleblowing channels are convenient, safe and contain transparent and reliable processes to suppress any misconduct and fraud that may happen in the Company and consortium and to be an instrument of management in detecting any corrupted acts or misconduct and minimizing damages from such misconduct or corruption.

        The informants can make a complaint or give a clue about misconduct and fraud through different channels as they see fit as follows

        •  Inform a reliable supervisor (at all levels)
        •  Send an email to the audit committee chairman
        •  Send a letter to the audit committee chairman to following address
                Nova Empire Public Company Limited
                80 Soi Bangna – Trad 30, Bangna – Trad Road,
                Bangna Tai Sub-district, Bangna District, Bangkok 10260