Good Corporate Governance


Corporate Governance Policy

            Nova Empire Public Company Limited (“Company”) aims to be a leading and successful business organization to create long-term values to shareholders and stakeholders. To achieve such objectives, the Company studies and applies the good corporate governance principles, universal principle, and code of practice or guideline of business operation of the companies that are sustainably successful and recognizes righteousness according to applicable laws in every area where the business is operated.

            The board of directors has gathered the principles of the Company’s corporate governance in this “corporate governance policy” which include structure and authority of the board of directors, respect for rights of shareholders and equality of shareholders, roles of the Company to stakeholders of the organization, the principles of information disclosure and transparency, and risk management and internal control. It is consistent with the principles of good corporate governance of listed companies according to a guideline of the Stock Exchange of Thailand and the Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

            The board of directors as a representative of shareholders is committed to perform duties in supervising and monitoring the Company and entities within the group (“Group”) to operate businesses under the Company’s corporate governance principle. The executives and employees will implement it in support of the decision and definition of policy or other code of practices for sustainable growth of the Company